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  • Trevor Brown ~ Montana
    Good customer service, kept in contact well, and parts were as described.
  • Taylor C. ~ California
    I got mine from Lincoln Diesel Specialties too. Truck runs great now. Because mine is a California truck the job was a real booger. Changing the injectors took about an hour. Getting to them and closing everything up again seemed to take forever.
  • Steve Williams ~ California
    Got the truck put back together last Friday night and with a little priming, got it running on the third try. Everything seems to be working OK. Replaced one Glow Plug and cleared a P0380 code (Injector Heater Circuit). I keep checking the oil level, and it's all stable so far. I've got an appointment for a smog check next Monday morning and if I pass that OK then I can get it registered again. Not a difficult project, provided you don't have to rush through it to get the truck back in service. Thanks for the encouragement.
  • Steve B. ~ Mississippi
    I purchased a set of LDS injectors for my 01 LB7 and couldn't be happier. I promptly received my core refund back. Titus is great to do business with!
  • Shirley M. ~ Muirnuts
    Got a set of injectors from LDS, had a few problems but Titus helped the whole way. Great customer service. Thanks!
  • Rob P. ~ Saskatchewan, Canada
    Put 8 of the LB7 reman injectors in and my truck has never ran better. Excellent to deal with, great guy to know if you own a Duramax
  • pdine ~ Ontario Canada
    Very happy with improvement after installing injectors,no more smoking on idle and improved performance. Good step by step instructions on forum. Excellent service, Thank you very much!
  • Larry MacDonald ~ Minnesota
    Quotes I had the blue-gray coming out the tailpipe at idle. I ordered a set of LB7 injectors from Lincoln. They came promptly and the core refund came promptly. The new injectors cured the smoke problem. Balance test show one cylinder at -1 and one at +1.5. The rest of the cylinders are less than 1. This is the best price on the internet. Comes with everything you need. Thanks Lincoln Diesel
  • Larry B ~ Phoenix, AZ
    Working with Titus was very easy. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I ordered a half set of injectors. The price was fair, shipping was fast and after a few thousand miles on the new injectors everything seems to be working great! If....well, WHEN, I have to replace the other injectors on my LB7 I will most definitely bring my business here. Thanks!
  • John H ~ Happy Customer
    Bought a set of Bosch Remans from Titus at Lincoln Diesel and am VERY pleased. Ordered them and pulled my old ones and sent them off. Titus cut me my core check almost as fast as I got the injectors. Also Titus had the best price by over $400.00 dollars. And his core charge was less by $300.00 dollars. I also needed some questions answered and whenever I called Titus answered the phone and gave much needed advice. Buy your injectors here with no worries.
  • Jeff H. ~ Missouri
    Quotes I just bought injectors from Lincoln Diesel and wanted to let everyone know this was one of the smoothest transactions I have ever made. Fed Ex made an error somehow and didn't get me the injectors on the Friday they were supposed to show up so I called Titus to find out what was up. Not only did he know about the problem, he was already working on the fix. Saturday morning I had injectors in hand. I dont know how he pulled that off but man what a relief. The injectors themselves were all packaged very nice and looked good as new. Three days after Lincoln Diesel recieved my cores I recieved a money order for the core charge. The job is done and I have only put about 100 miles or so on the truck but it sounds much better than it has in a long time and no leaky. I just thought I would relay this information to everyone and I highly recommend anyone needing injectors for their DMAX to call Lincoln Diesel. Thank you very much Titus!
  • Jason ~ Customer / Installer
    Great price with all the necessary seals and o-rings needed to do the job. Very good customer service all the way through the whole process.I had a problem with one of the injectors and Titus did what was needed to help me get my truck back on the road asap. Would highly recommend lincoln diesel for injectors.
  • Jason Ruth ~ Illinois
    Finally 5 weeks later my rig is running and no knocks thanks to Lincoln Diesel for the injectors and helping me out when in need. No more begging and borrowing vehicles, I got mine to drive.
  • Gary ~ Canada
    I got my truck back together tonight, its runs excellent with the new injectors!! Thanks very much for the trouble shooting help when I was trying to diagnose the problem; you were right on the mark. Also the step by step instructions you directed me too were very helpful. Hope I don't need to call on you again but if I have another problem I will be in touch with you. Thanks for the great service!!
  • Gary Van ~ Gary Van From Canada
    Finally got my truck back together ,it runs great. Their service was a great help .I am glad that i found you guys , great service and great to deal with,will recommend to anyone.now the true test drive it for a while and see.
  • Gary O. ~ Kentucky
    Titus is a great person to work with.I ordered my lb7 injectors and he emailed me instantly to let me know the installation kit was on back order and they would ship as soon as the kits came in.I got my order asap.If i ever need injectors again i would gladly call Titus.Thank you for all of your time and help.
  • Dave G ~ Ohio
    Bought a set of injectors for my LB7 Duramax and was very satisfied with the quality of injector and their performance. They were shipped very fast and everything went smooth. Thanks!
  • Darrel Long ~ DRLONG LLC
    I bought a set of injectors for my LB7 150,000 mi., it pulls and drives like it was new again. Thank You Lincoln Diesel.
  • Christopher R. ~ California
    I only have a couple thousand miles on my new injectors, but it's made a world of difference. Smoother, quieter and a little more power. I bought mine from Titus and would definitely do so again. Truck runs quiet and smooth now. Thanks Titus!
  • Adam Wray
    Found out about LDS and Titus while searching for a set of injectors for my LB7. Boy am I glad I found them. I had some problems after getting the pickup running again and called Titus numerous times and he always answered no matter what time it was. The steps he had me take led me right to the problem. After replacing the return line on the right hand side which had a small crack, the pickup runs great and isn't making oil. Thanks again Titus. I will recommend you to anyone else I know that needs injectors.